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Nissan is introducing their crossover this Canada this may, and we couldn’t be more excited. The Nissan Qashqai is the perfect vehicle – a great size, great colours and has a horribly difficult-to-pronounce name great name.

There aren’t many vehicle names that are hard to say in the Canadian market. Well, Nissan has decided to change that for 2017. We won’t be seeing another name as simple as Sentra or Rogue, Canadians will be buckling up in the Qashqai.

Lucky for us, we like a challenge. Our team has spent many hours analyzing, and focusing to figure out the proper pronunciation of Qashqai. After arguing between cash-cow, and cash-guy, we finally came to a conclusion. YouTube must have the answer!

Here’s what we found:

Turns out, it’s Cash-Kai. Are we ashamed we had to resort to YouTube? Only a little.

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