Customer Reviews

Pat & Bruce | ON | 2018-02-07

First of all – thank you to Tobias, Maria, and Mark for making this happen with the factory.  And of course to the unknown tech who did the work for us. Secondly, we would like to comment that we are always warmly received and greeted by your staff – usually starting with Sean as we walk by his office on our way to the service department.  In the past, I have dealt with Mark regarding other concerns and Mark always takes the time to fully and patiently address my concerns to my satisfaction.  Your service staff, Maria, Tobias, and Sue always provide excellent customer service with full explanations.  If the service desk is busy, I am always acknowledged while I wait my turn – which is important to a customer – to be a person – not a number.  And I can’t forget Irene who drives me home.

Is there anyone I have left out ???  I know there are others.  You have great team Mr. Lawrence.  All we can say is thank you.

Afshin | ON | 2017-11-17

I would like to express my appreciation for one of your employee’s at the part Department Midway-Nissan, Paul Brisley. Paul has been a great support for me to guide me through the parts and providing the pricing. He went beyond his responsibility and assisted me to book an appointment with the Service department in order to set up the sensors of my tier. I would like to congratulate you for selecting such a great employee.

David | ON | 2016-09-07

As always with this dealership and Sales person – Sean Williamson, an easy, effortless sales experience for me. No matter what question I might have the Sales person knew the answer and could explain the pro’s and con’s. 1st Class

Krista | ON | 2016-09-07

Great experience from start to finish. This dealership was also recommended by a friend. Thanks Keith.

Janet | ON | 2016-07-26

Sean Williamson is a consummate professional. He is responsive and knowledgeable in all aspects of Nissan’s products and services. There is no negotiation. Sean gets me the best prices with all applicable discounts without my having to dicker or haggle. The fact that the I don’t have
to worry about if I’m getting the best price on a vehicle makes the whole
vehicle purchasing process a stress-free one.

What I really enjoyed was that most of the process was able to be completed via email. Sean and I discussed my needs, what promotions were available and I basically went to the dealership to sign the paperwork and then again to pick up the vehicle. Easy Peasy. I loved the experience.

There is a reason I’ve driven nothing but Nissan’s since 1990 and the decency and honesty of the sales and service staff at Midway Nissan is a very large part of those choices.

John and Joan | ON | 2016-08-23

Our salesman Eric, probably did not know how to respond to my wife and I, when we entered the showroom. He may have thought we were kidding when we told him there were 7 vehicles we were interested in looking at, 2 pathfinders and 5 pick-ups. As he watched us open doors and crawl under and through the vehicles he realised we were serious, it was a matter of eleminateing the vehicles one by one until my wife and I agreed upon one of them. We picked a pick-up truck, went for a test drive and as they say the rest is history. It was a pleasure dealing with your dealership and a joy working with Eric, we went home feeling good about our purchase. Thanks again John and Joan.

Sylvia | ON | 2016-07-26

We were greeted right away by Sean which was nice. We visited other dealerships and we ended up wandering around until we actually approached someone to help us. We are expecting our first child and Sean told us all the features that would help us…not just the car specifications, but things that a parent would find useful. Sometimes you feel pressured to buy a car or when it comes down to negotiating the price, you have to haggle your way. But Sean made us feel comfortable and did not pressure us to get the car.

I liked the fact that as soon as I told him I worked for CIBC, he advised me that there was a special offer for CIBC employees. Sean was a great sales consultant. He walked us through various options without playing the song and dance of going to a manager to get approval for pricing.

The experience was quick, easy, and the sales consultant catered his sales pitch to what we were looking for. We felt he was honest and really listened to our needs.

Paul | ON | 2016-08-23

Josh was extremely helpful and knowledgeable with all products.

Tina | ON | 2016-08-23

I have now purchased two Nissan Versas from John Guisso. He listens to what I’m looking for and need in a car and and has guided me to making the right choice for me.

William | ON | 2016-08-23

Steve Vesters was great to deal with regarding the purchase and have already had a good experience with Doug in parts and hats off to the technician who installed the ‘second’ tonneau cover.

Heidi Marie | ON | 2016-07-26

This is my third purchase with Sean Williamson at Midway Nissan. He is the perfect person to work with when purchasing a car. First and foremost, he listens to your needs: Space, wants, and budget. He does not pressure you, keep you waiting, and is friendly and welcoming. He is extremely knowledgeable, and so quick to give you information.
My car purchases have all been so smooth, I haven’t gone anywhere else!

Thank you to Sean! My Rogue is amazing, and I always love my quick,
straightforward and friendly service.

Tina | ON | 2016-07-26

I have now purchased two Nissan Versas from John Guisso. He listens to what I’m looking for and need in a car and and has guided me to making the right choice for me.

Allison | ON | 2016-07-13

Keith Roberts was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. He contributed to making our experience buying our first Nissan a treat! Keith came in on his day off to deliver the car to us. He was accommodating to our busy schedule. Thanks for your consideration.

Brian | ON | 2016-07-13

Sean Williamson is a great Sales Manager and consultant. He made the entire
process very easy! Sean, knew the car I wanted. He was as able to locate it immediately in his lot. He was able to negotiate in a straight forward manner. This is our 4th car with him.

Rod Bressan is amazing. He is our service rep. The first oil service is free, with the new car purchase. That is perfect for us. I like free!

Rupinder | ON | 2016-07-13

Sean Williamson is friendly and knowledgeable. He knew more about electric cars then sales people at BMW and Kia and that helped make my decision a Leaf.

Tina | ON | 2016-07-13

I have now purchased two Nissan Versas from John Guisso. He listens to what I’m looking for and need in a car and and has guided me to making the right choice for me.

Kyung-Sun Kim | ON | 2016-07-13

Sean Williamson is the best sales consultant we have ever met!!

Winifred | ON | 2016-07-13

We met with Sean and he was patient and accommodating. Sean is a good man and manager. Your company is fortunate to have him on your team. Negotiations: good information was provided during the process and I appreciated the extra effort and interest.

Scott | ON | 2016-06-24

From the day I came into Midway, back in 2000-2001, I have been treated very well, all the way through each department and all the way to the top. Thank you. Sean has alway’s been very informative and very “on the money” when it come’s to matching car to customer. Sean has alway’s taken the time to listen. He has an excellent personality. He know’s how to laugh and understand’s what it is to be an owner or purchaser of a vehicle. I probably don’t have enough room to tell all, however, Sean is a great guy, for as long as I have known him. He has helped immensely over the year’s, and I thank him and Midway for everything they have done.

Negotiation was Excellent. I didn’t feel like there was any negotiation, I just told them what I was hoping for and they just delivered. It has alway’s been more than a pleasure to deal with Midway Nissan and all of it’s employee’s. Thank you.

The entire sales experience stood out. Sean Williamson and the Team at Midway Nissan make every experience stand out, from Sale’s to Service throughout Midway. Thank you. Keep up the Excellent work.

John and Elise | ON | 2016-07-13

Both Eric and Steve were very helpful with our purchase. Thank you.

Linda | ON | 2016-06-24

Josh was very professional yet friendly and fun. Delivery was easy the car was on site – went through everything with Josh and drove it home!! Have already passed on my delight with MIDWAY NISSAN and my new car to friends and family.

Melanie | ON | 2016-06-24

Everyone at the dealership was friendly and very knowledgeable. An amazing first experience of purchasing my first vehicle!

John | ON | 2016-06-24

We have now bought 7 new Nissans from Sean. He was great as always. Our loyalty to the brand is in large part because of our relationship with Sean and the staff at Midway.

Cindy | ON | 2016-06-24

Sean was fabulous with showing me my car and what it had in it. He was great. Not pushy or over bearing. It was nice buying it on a Thursday and then picking it up on the Saturday.

Dilipkumar | ON | 2016-06-24

Josh has a great knowledge and it was great experience which we also experienced in past. Keep up the Great Work. Thanks. I am a Nissan Fan and have 3 Nissan Cars in the Family, out of 4. Nissan is a great
Product and Value for Money.

Carlyle | ON | 2016-06-09

One of the most pleasant experiences at a dealership and I have been to a few, keep up the good work guys. Our delivery experience was in short excellent. In depth explanation and q&a all the way. Thanks Braden.

Shirin was and is an amazing person she answered all our questions and concerns like a pro, way to go Shirin.

In one word superb service thus far!

Gord | ON | 2016-06-09

As compared to other dealers i’ve worked with, i found Keith Roberts and Sean (the business mgr) to be very open, forthright and worked hard ot get my business and make me happy on a deal that was a bit challenging. I had an excellent sales experience, even when we ran into some roadblocks, Keith worked hard to resolve any issues.

Patricia | ON | 2016-06-09

Andy was extremely courteous and professional in my negotiation. Very pleased with experience. Financing was quick and easy. Vehicle was clean and delivery was painless. I have had a good experience with Nissan because I owned a Nissan Sentra Wagon 15 years ago. It was an excellent vehicle.

Tammie | ON | 2016-06-24

My experience was great my sales person Josh was amazing and helpful. Everything went as planned and on time. Shirin, the finiance manager, was great and made the process quick and understandable. Thanks Shirin. Very pleased. Happy with my new baby. They walked me through the whole thing with ease, very happy. Thanks Midway great team, great experience. Happy customer!

Lloyd | ON | 2016-05-26

Linda was absolutely helpful and knowledgeable. When I arrived for the oil change she informed me that there was RECALL that needed to be done. Therefore, she gave me a time that the work would be completed. Then offered me a courtesy shuttle to my home and back. I thought that was nice and thank you.

Jennifer | ON | 2016-06-09

Keith was amazing. We never once felt pressured. He is very knowledgeable and confident in the vehicle we purchased. He was very easy to get in touch with and returned calls promptly.

Hazel | ON | 2016-06-09

We have previously dealt with Sean Williamson and found him to be extremely helpful, courteous and reliable. We have been customers of Midway Nissan for the past several years and won’t go anywhere else. Sean is an excellent sales person and we know we can rely on him.

Sean has always maintained a highly professional and friendly manner. He is courteous, respectful, honest and considerate of our needs.The whole process just flowed and felt very comfortable and I believe that was due to Sean Williamson for making it go so smoothly.

We have referred people to Sean Williamson in the past and will continue to do so. The service staff and mechanics are all great. Overall a really good experience for us, as usual.

William | ON | 2016-06-09

Josh is very knowledgable on the features per trim level and provided an
overview while walking through the cost. He provided excellent customer service throughout the purchasing experience, end to end.

Sherrin | ON | 2016-05-26

I found Keith very helpful, very courteous. I’m 74 yrs old, this is my first
“new” car so was a little nervous about the process. He made me very comfortable and not at all pressured. He’s a fine Manchester bloke! I will definitely recommend this dealership to anyone and will return for my
next car purchase. Mainly I never felt pressured. Both Keith and Sean were friendly and respectful.

Michael | ON | 2016-05-26

The 2016 Maxima is the fourth vehicle that my wife and I have purchased from Sean, our sales consultant at this dealership. We have always been offered a fair price with none of the nonsense that one gets at other dealerships such as the sales manager not approving the agreed price or aggressive upselling of services such as rustproofing. We have also been very happy with the vehicles themselves and the service department at Midway Nissan.

Michelle | ON | 2016-05-26

Excellent Salesperson, Andy. Knowledgeable and helpful. Andy did a good of explaining the cost and a received the price we wanted on the trade-in. Thanks Andy….Love the car!

Brad | ON | 2016-05-26

I dealt with Josh and Sean who were very refreshing compared to some other dealers. We have been moving business from Toyota and Ford to Nissan and will probably continue to do so. Excellent delivery and after sales follow up. We used to have a great deal of Nissan products. (Sentra’s and Maxima’s). For some reason we fell out and started with other products. (Toyota, Ford and Mercedes with the biggest let down on Cadillac products). We should have never left Nissan and we have recently started to come back with the newer purchases of 2 – QX80’s and now the pickup.

Deborah | ON | 2016-05-26

This is the 3rd car that I have arranged through Sean Williamson. He is a
pleasure to work with. Sean understood my budget and worked with me to make sure that I got exactly what I was looking for. Thankfully the car was on site so I was able to take delivery the next day. Thank you!

Sean makes buying/leasing a car easy and straightforward. He makes the entire process a joy rather than a competition for a good deal.

Susan | ON | 2016-05-24

very happy with the sales team, especially Eric. helpful and dependable. so nice to find someone i can trust in the car business.

George | ON | 2016-05-26

The Midway Nissan team was very courteous. Everyone remembered me from my sales rep to the body shop manager that fixed my car 4 years ago. It is another reason why I have been driving Nisan since 2003 when I got my first car from Midway.

Mimi and Terence | ON | 2016-05-16

Hi Steve,

Terence and I want to send you and your team a quick note to say Thank You for exceptional service in our recent purchase of the Nissan 370z.

John Guisso who Terence and I dealt with for this car, was down to earth and professional. He put us both at ease over the phone and in person. He was prompt and followed up by providing factual information as requested. He was not at all pushy, and gave us the time we needed to consider this purchase decision. John was a pleasure to deal with.

Both Terence and I have worked in customer service in the past, so we tend to be a bit more observant on this front. We would definitely recommend Johns services and Midway Nissan to our friends and family in the future.

John – Thank you again for making this purchase a great experience. And thank you for the smarties! We’re both very pleased with the car and have already taken it on a short road trip and we were able to pack quite a bit into the trunk!

Best Regards, Mimi and Terence

Pulan Nada | ON | 2016-05-10

My initial contact with Sean and then with Andy, a plesant experience. No nonsense sales tactics through out; no bustle no hustle. Although Andy was “new” to the field, I find him quite knowlwgable about the products being offered. I am very glad I went to Midway and found the type of SUV I had in mind. I was debating between Nissan and another model, and then I finally settled for the Pathfinder. I love both the interior and exterier design. Even though some of the features that come with the “Platinum” may not be used on a day-to-day basis, I still love my SUV. It has been a great first month experience driving this model. Thanks a million to Midway in helping me find the pefect vehicle. I am hoping their after-sales service also to be a plesant one, yet to be experienced.

Alison | ON | 2016-05-11

John G was great and a pleasure to deal with. He helped both my son and I get what we needed and wanted. All round good experience.

Andrew | ON | 2016-05-11

John Giusso is very easy to deal with. He is a great representative for your dealership.

Jigar Adhvaryu | ON | 2016-05-16

When me and my entered in the showroom, Andy S. greeted us nicely. We were looking for 2016 Pathfinder SV but he found 2015 SL demo version, which was fit under our budget. It was very nice deal. After almost one month, can say Pathfinder and Andy was the right choice. We also meet with Shirin in Finance, she was knowledgeable too. Currently we are happy customer of Midway Nissan.

Emily | ON | 2016-05-17

Hi there,

I just recently (yesterday actually) bought a car with Steve, John and Eric.

I honestly loved the experience they gave me, it was fun and not stressful at all. I bought both my cars there actually and both times they treated me with the utmost respect and no pressure.

I see them as friends and a family to me now. I will 100% be dropping in just to say hello!!!

Thank you again for everything guys, I owe you!

Ps; thanks for the smarties.

Emily Battler

Derek Vilneff | ON | 2016-04-27

Very Impressed!!! The sales professional I dealt with Kieth, was just that a true professional. I now own 2015 Murano SL, that is like new! Keith went out of his way to contact me and follow up on my numerous emails. The entire experience was smooth and I will not hesitate to use your dealership and Keith as my sales professional when I require another vehicle. All the BEST, Derek Vilneff

Colleen | ON | 2016-05-04

When I went into the dealership, Andy was courteous, but not pushy. Followed up on my questions and found a car I was interested in. Understood my concerns and was able to live within my range for cost of a vehicle. Excellent to deal with.

Gerald | ON | 2016-05-04

Josh was fantastic. He listened to what we were looking for, offered options and above all made sure he didn’t try to oversell us.
He made buying our car an easy, seamless process.
The most important point for me was that he was honest and upfront about everything. There were no hidden “surprises” that I’ve experienced when buying cars before.

The vehicle delivery was great. This is our third Nissan purchase. The previous 2 were from different Nissan retailers. By far the process and satisfaction was superior to the other 2 Nissan dealers I have bought from before. Very happy I chose Midway Nissan versus going back to the other dealers I had dealt with in the past.

Midway Nissan had a full selection of vehicles, clean and organized. It was great that the Sales reps having their own offices. This allowed us to negotiate and ask questions in private versus on the showroom floor in a cubicle.

Josh was really great. Made the process seamless and easy. I’ll be sure to come back and buy from Josh on my next Nissan purchase for sure. We also popped in for a test drive when Josh was not there on his day off. Another sales rep was happy to get us a plate and keys to test drive. Real team atmosphere which is always good to see and a true reflection of a well run company.

Kathryn | ON | 2016-05-04

As always Sean Williamson was fantastic to work with. He is always honest in our dealings and never pushes me towards one vehicle or package. I appreciate that he gives me options to choose from and answers all of my questions in order for me to make the best decision for my needs.

Since I have been dealing with this dealership for the purchase/lease of my 5th vehicle now, the negotiation process is very easy to understand!

Sean Williamson is a fantastic person to work with and I would work with him
again! I have even recommended Midway to a friend and she has since leased 2 cars with them.

Lacey Lee | ON | 2016-05-04

Very polite, very knowledgeable but best of all, as a sales person myself I
appreciate honesty and transparency, Braden was both of those and then some. It was refreshing.

Erin | ON | 2016-05-04

Steve Vesters was excellent to deal with and all the other staff members where very pleasant and helpful any time I went in. Great experience, liked that the team wasn’t pushy and all over you.

Barbara | ON | 2016-05-04

The first day I visited the dealership it was raining. I took two different models out for a test drive, then asked for more information to take home and consider. Sean was wonderful in providing the information I needed. I later returned for a second test drive in better weather conditions. Again Sean was helpful, provided me with some more information I asked for and still there was no pressure to “buy now”.

Andrew C | ON | 2016-04-25

Hello Steve,

I wanted to send along my thanks to you and John Guisso for all your help in my latest purchase of a 2011 Murano LE. John was so easy to deal with and made every step of the purchase stress free.

It was the second time in a row I have bought a vehicle from John and your dealership.

I would describe all aspects as first class customer service.

My Murano is so clean and runs great. It is a pleasure to drive everyday.

Hope you both are well.


Andrew Chapman

Karen S | ON | 2016-04-20

Eric went above and beyond. He made my experience a very good one. I will be back for sure for all my car needs.

Robert S | ON | 2016-04-20

Eric was a great salesperson that sold me the truck. Steve (used car manager) was great help when Eric wasn’t in at the times I stopped by. They were a great help for the fog lights I wanted added to the truck.

Denise B | ON | 2016-04-20

Very professional and friendly courteous staff. Thank you to Steve V. for helping in our purchase.

Julia | ON | 2016-04-13

Great experience. Sales Consultant was Sean Williamson at Midway Nissan. Quick and painless purchase. Sean was exceptionally personable and efficient. We will be replacing another vehicle in a year or so and will return to see Sean. Very good salesperson and good experience at this dealer which is why we chose to purchase here.

Katherine | ON | 2016-04-13

Sean was awesome!! he made the difference between getting a Nissan over a Mazda or GM.

Kimberley M | ON | 2016-04-13

Sean was awesome to deal with. He knew I was comparing different SUVs and whichever make I mentioned he knew exactly the differences between Nissan and other makes. Honest to a fault and no pressure tactics or BS.. Just good old
fashion helpfulness, knowledge and courtesy. He was very patient as I didn’t buy until my third visit to the showroom. Great experience…

Very upfront about everything and was financed before I even got to work the next day. Sean was patient, knowledgable, courteous and just plain awesome to deal with…
I would even say that part of the reason I bought a Nissan was because he was so helpful and I felt that he was being honest and upfront the whole time.

Irving | ON | 2016-04-13

What can I say about Josh Koffman in addition to the scores above. To suit me, we arranged to meet on his day-off.What more can a customer ask? I have been dealing with Midway Nissan since 1994, 10 Altimas either leased or purchased.When shopping for this vehicle I was offered a deal by a Scarborough Nissan dealer for $400.00 less than Midway, but my loyalty to Midway and theirs to me is worth more than $400.00. I have always been treated fairly and respectfully by Midway and I feel very comfortable. Further, Midway is in Whitby and I live in Scarborough, that should also tell you something.

Justin | ON | 2016-04-13

Sean from the Whitby Nissan was extremely helpful, and found me a great car and really helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I will be honest and say I was going to buy a different car and make but it was because of Sean that I went with Nissan. As long as the car performs I will definitely want to go back to Sean for the next car.

Cameron | ON | 2016-04-13

Keith was helpful, patient, kind, informative, and very friendly! I have begun recommendations!

George | ON | 2016-03-16

Josh was at all times respectful of my time and eager to help. All in all a very favorable experience and a very easy transaction between business and sales. I have purchased other Nissan products from Midway and will continue to do so.

Jack | ON | 2016-03-16

Keith was a pleasure to work with, his knowledge of the product as well as his understanding of the VPP program made the buying a new car easy and enjoyable. Friendly and professional Midway Nissan was a great facility with great warm and friendly staff. Overall this experience was a 10+

Kellie | ON | 2016-03-16

Sean was a pleasure to deal with – would definitely buy from him again!

Ronaldo | ON | 2016-03-16

The minute I walked in the show room I was greeted by a sales person and offered to get someone to help me. Because every sales rep are busy he told me that he will help me and he said his name is Josh. I felt welcome. Very accomodating. My wife work nights so she does not have time to come shop
for a new vehicles with me, she needs to sleep. Josh let me drive it home to show my wife without any conditions. Like I said Josh is very good and he really knows, believes and stands behind Nissan. I was treated the same as when I first walked in the show room from the beginning, to the time I drove away with my Pathfinder. If someone I know is looking to buy, I will tell them to go to Midway Nissan and ask for Josh.

Christopher | ON | 2016-03-04

Sean was amazing, he knows his stuff and was very upfront and honest. It was refreshing that he was able to do all parts of the transaction instead of going back and forth to a manager.We really liked him and looking forward to a long business relationship ship.

Mary L | ON | 2016-03-04

Sean Williamson is very professional, personable and knowledgable . This is my fifth Nissan car from Midway Nissan. I have complete confidence in Sean and everyone at Midway Motors. I have recommended Midway Nissan to friends. The sales and service departments are excellent. This is the fifth car from Sean .Rocco and his team in the service department are knowledgable friendly and always explain the service needed. I am extremely pleased with all aspects of Midway Nissan. Sean explained all features in detail of my new Murano and offered further assistance if I had any questions in the future. Excellent !!

David L | ON | 2016-03-04

I dealt with Steve, Stephanie, and Eric. All were very professional and made the purchasing experience very pleasant and personal-thanks for that

Karen Simpson | ON | 2016-03-01

As this was the first time I was buying a car, I was very nervous and brought my son and daughter-in-law along with me. Eric was very patient and explained things and helped me out even beyond what a salesperson had to do.I have highly recommended Eric and Midway Nissan to everyone I know. I will defineately stay with Midway Nissan for all my car ;needs. Thank you so much Eric

Eddy Hodgkins | ON | 2016-02-29

A big thank you to Jim Miller and his staff. I had to leave my car for some body work while I left for my vacation. Upon re turn my car was show room condition inside as well . It was like picking up a new car !! Great job guys a big thank you

Suzanne | ON | 2016-02-19

Josh was very patient with our numerous visits and answered all of our questions very honest. Josh was excellent, and the used car manager that helped us the day we picked up our car was very good as well. Very impressed with Nissan and will definetely return when it is time to change our second car.

Mark | ON | 2016-02-19

Buying a vehicle is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make. Sean was respectful, understanding and patient. We were not able on our first visit to make the decision, but Sean made
us feel welcome to leave and call him later in the day with a decision and he would hold the Pathfinder of our choice which they had in stock. I have never had such a good experience from a dealership in my 14 years shopping for cars! I will continue to go here for all my service even though there is a dealership significantly closer to my home. Sean was super understand and in no way pushy, my wife is 8 mths pregnant and he understood that we needed to try and get through everything as fast as we could based on her comfort.

John | ON | 2016-02-08

If we choose to purchase another Nissan it will be from Midway Nissan. Your Service Manager Rocco Lamanna has provided excellent advice and service options over the years. He is extremely ethical and honest. Our 2003 Altima is still going strong thanks to him.

Brian | ON | 2016-02-19

Sean Williamson(Midway Nissan) has sold my wife, my daughter, and myself new cars. He has been a pleasure to
work with. I have shared my buying experience at Midway Nissan and in particular with Sean with many friends and recommended they give Nissan a try.

Tanya | ON | 2016-02-01

This is the 3rd pre-owned vehicle we have purchased from John (and Steve) and they always go well out of their way to make sure we are satisfied. They treat us exceptionally well (like family and we will continue to use and recommend their excellent service provision. Thank you so much for the great experiences! Tanya & Brian

SUI-HENG | ON | 2016-02-01

Mr. Petzold provided excellent sales services. He worked extra hours to facilitate the deal and all detailed communication made the transaction a pleasure one. I definitely will recommend him to my friends and family members.

Colin | ON | 2016-02-01

Eric was absolutely astounding to deal with. friendly and professional – he was a pleasure to deal with. he went above and beyond when it came to satisfying my concerns about the tires on my car and to my delight Midway did the right thing and provided a complete set of 4 new all season tires with my vehicle. I know Eric advocated on my behalf and his efforts were not only appreciated but this was a key point that demonstrated Midway commitment to customer satisfaction and outstanding service. You have my business. this was by far the best experience I’ve ever had purchasing a vehicle whether new or used. Great job Midway!

Megan | ON | 2016-02-01

Sean was fantastic. Very honest and helpful in finding what we needed without being pushy. Great salesperson who found ways to save us money while offering a great car.

Rowena | ON | 2016-01-20

My name is Rowena. I have been a client with Nissan since 2012. When the car that I came in with broke down in 2012, John Guisso sold me an amazing CPO 2010 Rogue. I recently had an unfortunate accident in which that vehicle and it was a total write off. Thankfully, John and Steve made the transition to the new Rogue quite easy and painless. I could not have asked for better service. I told John what I needed and he had the perfect vehicle lined up for me. It was such a great experience to come back to buy another vehicle and still feel as though it was not just about the sale. I was injured when I had first come in two weeks ago and both John and Steve, in their correspondence inquired about my progress and welfare. The service was above and beyond and I would recommend anyone looking for a used or CPO vehicle to see John and Steve. They made moving on a lot easier and I know that I can go to them with any questions or concerns. For now, I don’t have any. My husband and I are completely happy with the service and treatment we received.

Kind Regards,


Michele Robinson | ON | 2016-01-18

I brought my car in on January 18, 2016 for its 24k service. Midway Nissan never disappoints! From the time I called to book my appointment until the time I picked up my car after the service was completed, the level of customer service and professionalism cannot be undone! Included in my 24k service package was a “bronze” detailing. My car was spic and span, smelled fresh and clean, and even the tires were shiny! Well done Midway Nissan!

Oleksandr | ON | 2016-01-11

Braden is very professional and knowledgeable sales person. Our negotiations were quick and straightforward, not as painful and time consuming as with others. There was no pressure, honesty, and no hidden fees.

Gayle | ON | 2016-01-14

My husband and I have been loyal long time customers since 1987 dealing exclusively with Midway Nissan. All of their staff is extremely, friendly, caring, professional and knowledgeable. Our sales consultant Sean Williamson is a joy to deal with. He just makes everything so easy. He is a wealth of knowledge, asks the right questions to make sure I get what I will be happy with. I thought I wanted a Juke this time but I was encouraged to take out the new Rouge and the Juke both for a second time. On the second time around driving the Juke I found several blind spots and when I stepped back into the new Rouge i knew instantly that this was the vehicle.

Sean is outstanding at his job and is especially good at acknowledging long time loyal customers which I really appreciate!!!

Thomas | ON | 2016-01-07

Our purchase experience was very good. Keith was patient and and answered all our questions. We are not the easiest customers to please so he did very well. Keith was very thorough and even set up my phone for me. We always want the best price so we all had to work hard to come to a deal. They
handled it to our satisfaction.

Michael | ON | 2016-01-07

Keith was simply amazing. Can’t say enough. I’m from Toronto, and it was his salesmanship that made this deal happen. I really didn’t want to drive to Whitby to buy the car, but his professionalism from the first contact on the phone made this deal happen. The sales process was very respectful of my time. He listened to my needs and exceeded my expectations.

Rita | ON | 2016-01-07

Josh was very helpful, patient and thorough without being pushy. Unlike some of my other experiences, Josh actually spoke to both my husband and myself. I found the other male sales reps that I encountered at the other dealerships tended to deal with my husband only as if I wasn’t there when in fact it was me who was buying the car. There was very little haggling and discussions were handled in a very professional and calm manner by both Josh and Stephanie. The staff overall were very pleasant especially Josh and Stephanie. It almost felt like family.

Trevor | ON | 2016-01-07

Stephanie was easy to deal with and very professional, she checked in with me to ensure I knew where I stood during the process and was a pleasure to deal with. Keith took time to ensure I was happy with my new purchase. Midway is a busy dealership, however they took the time to ensure I was dealt
with directly by the sales manager as per my request. The ease of negotiation with Charles, Keith and Stephanie combined, there was never any sales pressure, just honesty and that made the deal easy. I would totally recommend the VPP to any of my colleagues looking for a new car.

Robert G | ON | 2015-12-14

Sean has always looked after my wife and I very well and have never felt anything has ever been missed. He is always friendily and will do everything in his power that he can for you without being asked. There are questions i have had and he has already had answers for me before I was going to ask. Very reassuring. He is a person that we have come to know very well over the past number of years and consider him a good friend.
He is truly an asset to Nissan and their brand.

Robert D | ON | 2015-12-14

Sean Williamson has been through out the whole process patient and understanding of our wants and needs. My wife has been looking at new cars for a few months and has gone in several times and has changed her mind as often. can honestly say that Sean has been great it all ways. This is our 3rd car since 2009 from this dealer and each time has been great. Sean Williamson went the extra mile to ensure that my wife was completely happy with her purchase.He made us feel that we were more than just another car sold off the lot.

Krista B | ON | 2015-12-14

Sean came highly recommended by a co worker who recently leased a Pathfinder from Sean. Even though we came in on Sean’s day off – Braeden still helped us (knowing we would still come and see Sean on another day) but Sean beat us to it! Braeden passed on our info and I really appreciated the call on Monday that he was in to help and answer any questions or set up another test drive! It gave us great reassurance to know Sean has been with Nissan for 20 years! Obviously loves the company! So many other car dealerships roll in/out their salesmen all the time (no brand loyalty). The honestly, knowledge, friendliness and clear TEAM APPROACH they have at Nissan Whitby. Unlike other dealerships where I feel like individual just ‘want the sale for the themselves’ – I really felt like Braeden and Sean had my back and were both working together for me.

Morgan H | ON | 2015-12-14

After a good amount of research, Midway Nissan was the first dealership I chose to go to simply to inquire about trading in my current vehicle. It ended up being the only dealership I went to. The staff made me feel at home and as if I was speaking to some good friends about a vehicle purchase. Braden made sure to get things done quick for me and often recognized me before I even had to speak to anyone. Stephanie was extremely friendly and created great rapport with me, she helped me get out of my old vehicle situation, was honest and made sure I knew everything that was going on. Probably moving across the country in a few years and still considering getting my next vehicle from Midway. Thank you to you all, only advice is to customize the mug you gave out as a gift with a name on it or picture to stick out even more. (Then again, a gift is a gift!)

Susan C | ON | 2015-12-14

Steve Vesters was extremely informative and helpful , not at all pushy and very courteous and knowledgeable . Steve is a preofessuonal and a real asset to your dealership . It’s easy to see why he is the sales manager . He made the decision making process easy and reassuring !

Al-Karim | ON | 2015-12-14

Keith was … Very pleasant and knowledgeable and friendly.

Pamela N | ON | 2015-12-14

This is the third Nissan vehicle I’ve purchased through Sean Williamson at Midway Nissan. As always, Sean is so professional, very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. Overall, he is wonderful to work with, and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering to buy a Nissan vehicle.

Wayne | ON | 2015-10-27

Hi there,

I just wanted to share a few words about my experience with Midway Nissan and John Guisso.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with John and Midway Nissan. The best description that I can give regarding John and the professionals at Midway would be “Family Oriented” vs. “Sales Oriented”. Careful consideration was given to both my budget and my needs in purchasing a vehicle. I clearly felt that John’s primary focus was to establish a Long Standing relationship with me by ensuring that I was purchasing a reliable product and that Midway Nissan is dedicated to making both the purchase and future service visits memorable experiences. I am happy to become a part of the Midway family and will certainly refer family and friends.

Keep up the great work!

Wayne Alfonso

Thomas | ON | 2015-12-14

Keith was … very good. He was patient and and answered all our questions. We are not
the easiest customers to please so he did very well. Keith was very thorough and even set up my phone for me.

Scott | ON | 2015-10-21

Hi John,

I just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you again for your hard work and professionalism when purchasing my Aramada from you!

I know it was a pain dealing over email and the phone while I was away for business – but you made it extremely easy and we are over joyed with our Aramada and the whole transaction itself! You are easy to deal with and up front.

Thanks again!

Scott Smith

Janet | ON | 2015-10-08


I bought a used Rogue at your dealership last Monday September 28th. I would like to tell you that I had a great experience at your dealership. My husband and I had been to 3 Nissan dealerships the day before but left each one unhappy. John Guisso was a terrific person to deal with. He knows his Nissans and made us feel very comfortable. His no pressure attitude and kindness made our trip from Peterborough well worth the drive.

Loving my Rogue!

Janet Fowler

Lindsay | ON | 2015-10-13

… Josh was on my time and let me lead and understands his audience. Anything I needed he could look after. I needed a loaner car as I was without a car for a week – he arranged it.
My son loved the Nissan hot wheels in the show case – he received one on delivery as well. Everyone took the time to make you feel like you were the most important person – without be pushy or not genuine.

Wendy | ON | 2015-10-13

Sean was kind and courteous, but never to pushy. He kept things simple. Overall a great experience. I love my new Nissan rogue, more and more everyday. Happy Customer!

Zeba | ON | 2015-10-13

My sales consultant Sean was open and honest with me. He helped me make a great choice instead of selling me a car. He shared the pricing and options with me and he printed it off for me without my having to ask for it, which was refreshing. He answered all my questions patiently and is very courteous and welcoming.

Donald | ON | 2015-10-13

Braden was always ready to be of service and to answer any questions. Braden and Shirin explained every thing in detailand worked hard to be sure I was satisfied. This is my fifth vehicle from MIdway so I guess you could say I am satisfied.

James | ON | 2015-10-13

Sean was friendly, personable and professional. This was our second purchase from him. He arranged for us to view the vehicle and colour at their off-site holding area. The one we viewed was the
one we bought.

Gordon | ON | 2015-09-18

Sean was awesome to deal with. Friendly and did not push at all. Would recommend highly.

Lindsay | ON | 2015-09-18

Our sales associate Sean, went above and beyond for us. He was more than helpful and making sure everything got
done on time! We will definitely go back to see him in the future! We were quite pressed for time as we lived in ottawa and were in need of a vehicle to drive home 2 days later. He managed to get everything done and completed for us to pick up a day after we bought the murano even with getting
the front 2 windows tinted.

Peter | ON | 2015-09-18

Steve made the purchase easy and enjoyable, much different than past experiences I’ve had when buying a car. He was very accommodating in every way.

Stephen | ON | 2015-09-18

Email exchanges were informative and timely. Steve V was a great help and very comforting. 100 times better experience than any other car purchase! No games, no drama. very much appreciated.

Darryl | ON | 2015-09-18

John Guisso is an asset – retain this man and get him a coffee when you read this. He is the main reason we’ll consider Midway Nissan for our next purchase.

Donna | ON | 2015-10-02

We have previously dealt with John Guisso on the purchase of a vehicle and, as we expected, everything went very smoothly. We could not ask for a better experience. John went above and beyond to accomodate us and we are exceedingly happy. We are also truly grateful to Rocco Lamanna and his team. We have always counted on the service department for their knowledge and advice. Midway Nissan has been our dealership of choice for 20 years and they are the reason that we return time and time again.

Gloria & Steve Crawford | Ontario | 2015-08-05
John Guisso is by the far the best car salesperson my husband and I have ever experienced. This is the second car we have purchased through John. He listened to our concerns and worked very hard to find the right vehicle for our family. He was honest and sincere, going the extra mile for us and then some. He treated us like family! We highly recommend his services and will return to him in the future. Special thanks to Steve Vickers who assisted in the whole process; your attention to detail is greatly appreciated.

Mary | ON | 2015-08-14

Steve Vesters was great to deal with. Good job done by all.

Darryl and Amanda | ON | 2015-08-20

Hello Steve,
I wanted to take a moment and let you know about our experience at your dealership.

We were inthe market for a 2012-2014 Nissan Murano, specifically the LE or Platinum model and with lower mileage. We’ve owned 2 Murano’s already so we’re quite familiar
with the options, the way it drives/handles and the overall vehicle itself. I
found an ad that Midway Nissan had placed on…specifically we had our eye on a 2014 Platinum Murano you have, but my wife didn’t much like the colour (maroon)…it was one of the only ones she wasn’t a big fan of. As there were many other dealers posting their inventory as well, and as I usually do when starting my
search, I emailed several dealerships to get some more details (was it still available,
does it have a Carproof, how long on the lot, flexible price, etc.) John Guisso was quick to respond and mentioned that they had a 2012 as well, and it happened to have an outstanding Nissan CPO warranty until 2019…my wife loved that (and the colour!) Not only did John cover off on my immediate questions, he went into more detail, anticipating the questions I would like have as a follow-up. I had a good vibe right out of the gate!

My wife and I are located in Ottawa, so deciding on a vehicle located in Whitby meant
more preparation than usual (travel time, paperwork ahead of time between us
and yourselves, transferring plates, etc.)

We worked out a price via email that was a win-win for both of us, he followed up on the
items that I needed to provide to ensure the entire file was wrapped up and
when we did arrive in Whitby last Monday (the 10th), he had someone hurry off
to the MTO to register and transfer the plates while my wife and I had lunch –
as smooth a transaction as possible!

We got back, signed some papers for perhaps 10 minutes and he swapped over the plates (in the pouring rain no less) and answered any questions we had. This was by
far the easiest, most efficient car buying experience we’ve had to date and we have John Guisso and Midway Nissan to thank.

Although we’re 4hrs apart, we’ll strongly consider Midway Nissan when we look to climb
into our next vehicle simply because the experience was everything we felt car
buying should be, and because it was such a hassle free transaction.

Thanks again!

Darryl and Amanda

Alice | ON | 2015-08-14

Josh Koffman did not try to ‘upsell’ us as sales people typically do. That made the experience quicker and more pleasureable for us.

Katherine | ON | 2015-08-14

Stephanie was so helpful with my needs. She was also very knowledgeable and courteous. She accommodated my availability as well – I work in downtown Toronto and travelling back to Whitby
took time.

I was very impressed with how involved Stephanie was with communicating with me
and keeping me updated about my purchase. Beginning from the initial quote, all
the way to delivery day, she kept me informed. I appreciate that she still kept
in contact even after I had signed the purchase.

I would definitely and sincerely recommend Midway to family and friends. They
did not pressure me into making a purchase or upgrade. As a first time car
owner, it is imporant to me that I was not cornered into the purchase – it made
me feel like my needs and wants were more valuable than what will come out of my

Alyssa | ON | 2015-07-24

Sean was extremely helpful and was sure to cater to all my needs. I felt very comfortable asking him questions and he always had a knowledgable answer for me. Overall a wonderful experience.

Jeff Lunaria | Ontario | 2015-07-25
We had a good experience with this dealership with the help of Eric Petzold. He was honest and a good salesman. Even though we bought a used Toyota, he never said anything bad about it to steer us away nor push any other cars in the lot. We never felt pressured on buying in which in my opinion, is a good salesmanship. We would definitely buy another car from Eric!

David | ON | 2015-07-24

Sean Williamson is an amazing Sales Consultant and individual – the Nissan family should be very grateful that hey have such a committed and excellent individual on their team.

Cynthia | ON | 2015-07-24

We have known Sean for several years and this is the sixth car we have leased from him. He is always very helpful and easy to work with.

Sharon | ON | 2015-08-14

This is our third Altima and have always been satisfied with the product and the
support. We have used Midways service in the past and always been happy with the service and their personal. When we picked up the car 3 people helped with the process even an other
salesman offered to install the plates on the car. A true team effort.

Jean-Francois | ON | 2015-08-14

My Sales Rep, Sean Willamson, was very curteous and advised me with the best product for my lifestyle. I am very happy with the selection he has provided and I am enjoying my

I believe Sean gave me the best price I can get with the best value for my returned vehicle and the best purchasng price for my new Murano with all discounts he could do for me.

The attention to details on learning my driving habits, what i do on my spare time, how i use the vehicle for work, etc, were greatly appreciated. It allowed Sean to pick the best Nissan product for my lifestyle.

Francois | ON | 2015-07-24

Josh Koffman is a true sales professional. Listened to our needs and was helpful steering us in the right direction.

Jonathan | ON | 2015-08-14

We have dealt with Sean on several occasions and always find him to be extremely courteous, honest and knowledgeable. He is one of the main reasons we continue to purchase Nissan vehicles.

The negotiation process was quite straight forward. We were satisfied with the
initial offer for our trade in and with the lease rate of the new vehicle.

The truck was spotless and ready to go when we arrived. Sean took the time to
review the features and even set up our cell phones with the Bluetooth.

Sean’s level of commitment to providing quality service, especially to long term
customers such as ourselves, is outstanding.

I have recommended Nissan and Midway Nissan and in particular Sean Williamson to
several friends, some of whom have since made purchases.

Sharron | ON | 2015-07-24

Sean Williamson made us feel very comfortable. He is honest and tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. This is the fourth or fifth vehicle we have purchased from him and will continue to do so. We have dealt with other car salesmen in the past and Sean is the only salesmen we would ever deal with. He returns emails, calls you back if you leave a message, it’s all about us and our needs with Sean. He treats us like family. We were leaning towards a Ford truck. After speaking with 2 different salesmen at 2 Ford dealerships we realized how special Sean is. Sean is the main reason we buy Nissan’s from Midway.

Mark | ON | 2015-08-14

Braden McElwain is Very friendly and was a pleasure
to deal with.

Tamara | ON | 2015-08-14

Sean was pleasant and helpful. I liked that he was not pushy. I was also looking at the CRV and Rav4. I left because of how pushy they were.

Robert | ON | 2015-08-14

Always professional. Our 5th vehicle in 7 years. All from Sean!

Jan | ON | 2015-07-24

John is an honest and very knowledgable salesman. We purchased two cars from him in less than two months. We will be back if we or any of our children require new vehicles.

David | ON | 2015-06-02

Steve was a total pro all the way, really appreciated that.

Andrew | ON | 2015-06-02

I just wanted to say thanks again for the great service and great value. I was particularily happy with your staff especially our salesman, Josh. The attention he gave us was phenominal. We will definatly come back to Midaway Nissan again !!!

Patricia | ON | 2015-06-11


John | ON | 2015-06-11

Sean always tells us what is the best for us when it comes to purchase or lease.
Not an issue with Sean at all……we did some shopping around just to compare quality vs Price. It was an easy decission to stay with Nissan. Pricing was no hastle with Sean, he gave us the best deal possible.

Trenton | ON | 2015-06-11

Sean was excellent to deal with. No pressure, courteous, and willing to negotiate. All around excellent
experience working with him.

Angela | ON | 2015-06-11

Sean Williamson was very knowledgeable and courteous. He did not try to pressure us into purchasing on our initial visit even after we explained that we intended to check out several other makes/brands of cars before we made our decision. He was very helpful when
we realized that we left our garage remote in our car and responded to my email
on a Sunday.

Eric L | Ontario | 2015-06-18

Just bought my first car at Midway Nissan and it was an excellent experience. My salesman, John, was very professional and helpful. My family has been dealing with him a long time. I would definitely recommend them

Karen | ON | 2015-06-23

Although Sean was my 2013 ‘Rogue’ sales consultant, he pretty much started me on a fresh page with regards to my “kicking the tires” enquiry about upgrading to the 2015 model. He continually asked me what would work best for me with regards to financing, model ETC. Even though my purchase timing was at a very busy “end of month” time, Sean took EXTRA time to ensure that I knew about all of the vehicle features and
repeatedly told me to contact him if he could assist me with anything.
I have recommended Sean and ‘Midway Nissan’ to several people, and will continue to do so!

Rhonda | ON | 2015-06-23

Sean was excellent. I am in sales and do not like high pressure. Sean was able to secure the vehicle I wanted in the timely manner needed. Sean was very easy to get along with and would recommend him again. My fiancee bought a Nissan truck one week after me.

Eric | ON | 2015-06-23

Great experience. My family has been dealing with John for the past few vehicle purchases and he never disappoints

Ed | ON | 2015-06-23

Sean Williamson is tremendous to work with. He was extremely helpful not only in finding me the right car but also in helping me sell my current vehicle. While this sounds easy it was in fact very complicated due to an accident i had in my current vehicle on the day i was to make the trade. What i appreciated most is that Sean stuck with me every step of the way through many complications until we finally settled a sale. He was very generous with his time and ideas and did everything in his power to meet my needs and at same time protect the interests of Midway Nissan.
This has been an exceptional experience for me.

Donald | ON | 2015-06-23

Very positive…listened and answered our many questions…Josh was an excellent rep for your business.

Philip | ON | 2015-06-23

Great sales staff and management. I am very pleased with their service.

Alicia | ON | 2015-06-23

John G was amazing with helping me find my first vehicle. He made me feel extremely comfortable, and not pressured at all. He made me want to recommend Nissan to all, as well as return for any and all routine maintenance.

Owen | ON | 2015-06-02

I would like mention a special thank you to John Guisso who took the time to explain everything to my wife and I. His commitment and dedication to offer the best service was incredible. He immediately put us at ease and listened to all of concerns. There were no pressure tactics and complete transparency. I have already mentioned my superb shopping experience to anyone who asks about my new car. Excellent job John. We appreciate all of your hard work.

Maria | ON | 2015-05-29

Sean gave us time to think about our decision. There was no pressured phone call
after the initial follow-up. Sean was very knowledgeable of the finance aspect as well as the Nissan product. Sean was a great salesperson and we didn’t walk out of Midway second guessing
ourselves. We felt comfortable with our purchase and we were treated well.

Shelley | ON | 2015-05-29

Braden was very understanding, accommodating and did an excellent job!

Ross | ON | 2015-05-21

Sean Willamson was great to work with. He was honest and forthcoming about the product line and understood what we were looking for. When we chose the Murano in Pearl white he informed us that it might take some time. He then offered us another colour and we declined. He worked to find our vehicle and was able to deliver earlier than expected.

Sean walked through the capabilities of the Murano including the Nav, and he even set up both of our phones so we were all set when we left the dealership.

Great experience! Thanks Sean!

Doug and Debbie | ON | 2015-05-21

Sean Williamson has been our Salesman for the 3 latest vehicle purchases. He is extremely knowledgeable with Nissan vehicles as well as their competitors. Sean has always been a pleasure to deal with and has always presented a top notch ability to show, explain and honestly provide all the information we have needed to make a well educated purchase. Although we had originally thought we may have to change our brand (Love the 2015 Murano but the lower towing capacity was a big disappointment) Sean showed us how we could fit into a 2014 Murano at a decent price point and still get the features we wanted in a new vehicle. Nissan is lucky to have such an enthusiastic knowledgeable Sales Manager. Frankly, Sean is the major reason we have remained loyal Nissan owners. Great work (again) Sean and Thanks!

Doug and Debbie Cousens

Lisa | ON | 2015-05-21

Sean was great. He was very interested in having my business and working with
me. He made me feel like an important customer for Nissan. He went through all the features and made sure I knew I could call or drop in any time with any questions.


Christopher | ON | 2015-05-21

Sean was amazing to deal with!!!

Jimmy | ON | 2015-05-21

This is the fifth car we have purchased from Sean Williamson. Although we can get discounts from both GM and Chyrsler, we prefer to deal with Nissan because of our positive previous dealings with both Sean, our salesman and Rocco and Rod from the service department.

Ross Garnett | ON | 2015-05-23

We have recently purchased a used vehicle at Midway, working through sales rep John Guisso. What a great experience! John was absolutely super with everything from returning calls to making sure all the paperwork went smoothly and efficiently. Can not say enough about how pleasant he made things for us, as did the whole Midway staff, and how pleased we are with the car.

Bert | ON | 2015-05-29

Hi Rocco,

I really appreciate all your help in getting new tires for my car. Last Thursday I tried to convey that message but I don’t think it came across the right way. You delivered great service and I’ve been a satisfied customer at Midway Nissan for almost 25 years. Thanks again.

Have a great week and enjoy the summer!

Best regards,

Bert Almemo

Norman | ON | 2015-03-31

Steve was a total pro all the way, really appreciated that.

Dave | ON | 2015-03-31

John Guisso was the best salesman at a car lot that I have ever dealt with in over 30 car purchases.

Khalid Malik | Ontario | 2015-04-05

Best dealership in the GTA area. Family business and honest people. I am dealing with them since 2008 and found sales person Sean and Service Manager Rocco very caring , straight forward and try to help in the best possible way. No kidding I have Lexus and other brands car but no comparison of this dealer ship services with those so called premium brands. Nissan products are well engineered, reliable and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend this dealership to everyone. Although I moved from Whitby but I still use there services. To me they are like family.

Scot | Ontario | 2015-04-11

John Guisso and all the team at Midway Nissan make buying a car so easy! This is the second Altima in my driveway. Great people, with a great product.

Paula Brzezinski | Ontario | 2015-04-20

I had the pleasure of dealing with Eric Petzold. Thought I wanted a used vehicle but I fell in love with a new Frontier that had all the options and in the colour I wanted. Eric made it happen and helped me understand the process to buy my first new vehicle. I live in Sault Ste. Marie and was impressed by the inventory and knowledgeable sales people. Telling all my friends it is worth the drive to visit Midway Nissan. When I picked up my vehicle Steve made sure to go over all the details and features. Thanks to the great sales team at Midway!

Emily Battler | Ontario | 2015-05-04

John was absolutely amazing!!! He sold me my first car ever and I loved it! He seemed so happy for me and made sure my car was in the absolute best shape it could have possibly been in. Thankyou so much John!!!!!!

Monica | ON | 2015-02-02

Sean was very helpful and not pushy – a great combination. He was knowledgeable and set up different scenarios on repayments

Denis | ON | 2015-02-02

Sean Williamson was my Sales Consultant. In fairness to him, I should write a very long and glowing review. However I’m sure most of the superlatives have already been covered by others. This was the easiest, least painful car buying experience I have ever had. Sean excels right across the board.

Acorn Landscaping Ltd | ON | 2015-02-02

Josh was our sales consultant and he was excellent. He was knowledgeable about the products he was selling as you would expect but also was well informed of the industry. This is our first Nissan so it was refreshing to be able to speak about other car / truck knowledge and have him inform us how Nissan would be similar or different. After our first meeting with Josh we had decided to buy from him.

Graham | ON | 2015-02-02

Excellent sales person. Sean has the experience necessary to make the car buying experience pleasant. Having been in sales and marketing for 30 years it is good to see quality sales individuals.

Penny Caldwell | Ontario | 2015-03-19

I purchased my Nissan Versan hatchback from another dealers used car lot but found they very expensive for lube/oil and filter changes so I came to you for the first time about 4 months ago. On Wednesday March 18 I came in for my second oil change and also to get an estimate on damage to my front bumper. The service team were friendly and professional and told me there would probably be a fee for bumper repair approx $45. When I paid for my oil change I noticed the bumper repair was not included so I assumed I would need to bood another appt. To my surprize when I went out to my car the bumper dent was repaired so I went back in thinking they forgot to charge me. The man in charge of body shop told me it was no charge a simple fix and I could probably have popped it back out myself. I can’t tell you what a nice surprize it was and how much more I appreciate your dealership and staff because of it. You have a new customer and will probably see more of me when my extended warantee expires with the other dealer. Thanx again!

Grace | ON | 2015-03-31

I just wanted to say thanks again for the great service and great value. I was particularily happy with your staff especially our salesman. The attention he gave us was phenominal. We will definatly come back to Midaway Nissan again !!!

Fatima | ON | 2015-02-02

Sean was recommended by someone from work, who had a grerat experience with him a few months ago. I was very pleased with both him and Shirin’s professionalism and customer service.

Jamie | ON | 2015-02-02

Josh was excellent to deal with – very patient and knowledgeable and interested in ensuring our experience was the best it could be. I had a very bad experience with the sales person at another Nissan dealer and Josh completely reversed that.

Barbara | ON | 2015-02-02

Sean Williamson could not have been better! We’re really impressed by his level of customer service. He knows his stuff!

Tracey | ON | 2015-02-02

Josh was one of the best car sales people I have dealt with. I originally planned to buy a mazda and because of the high pressure tactics of the sales person I decided against it. I visited Josh about 3 months ago. He was fantastic and I explained I would be in touch once I made a decision. I didn’t hear from him which actually made me very respected with my wishes. There was no question that he was the person I wanted to purchase my car from.

Michael | ON | 2015-02-02

Sean is the reason I now have bought 2 cars with midway Nissan. I bought my first from Ajax Nissan and this experience with Sean was by far a superior experience. Even during my pick up of my car I was telling people on the show room how amazing Sean is and I would recommend him over anyone to buy a car from. Sean is the reason I bring my business back to midway and I will continue to along with telling everyone I know through business contact and personal.

Jennifer | ON | 2015-02-02

I could see that Josh was a popular sales person but I never felt rushed. He helped make what can be a stressful and unpleasant experience a great experience.

Beverly | ON | 2015-02-02

Regarding Sean Williamson. Polite. Knows the product well. Draws info from client to best suit their needs. Have already recommended Consultant and Nissan to a few friends!