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    We went in to purchase a vehicle and ultimately did not end up buying one that day but we never felt pressure from the salesman at all. It seemed like both the manager and salesman understood our needs and wanted to make sure we were 100% happy with the purchase. We would definitely do business with them again.

    Jason Roza

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    I purchased a Malibu today ! It's my first car In Canada and it has been a good experience and really good pricing. The financing was good. I'll be happy to refer my friends and family


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    Amazing. There isn't usually much good to say about taking your car in for service, but this was something different. My car broke down and needed to be towed there, and everything that happened once I was there was really great - they quickly diagnosed the problem, and gave me a quote for the work, all with no appointment. While they worked, I used [...]

    Mike Coleman

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    First time dealing with this dealer. Great and friendly service was provided. Educating and helping customers to understand their offerings.

    Lloyd Blades


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