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    I went to buy much needed crossbars for my car to correct the incorrectly self-installed cargo bag. I arrived in the pouring rain with no place available for me it install the crossbars our of the rain and proceeded to attempt the task with 2 toddlers and my mother in the car. After 20 minutes I was soaked to the skin, and only 2 of the 4 screw plugs [...]

    Tracy Crawford

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    Dealt with Steve in Used vehicles.. had a great experience. Traded in a car and it was the easiest most pleasant trade in I have ever encountered. Steve was QUICK and didn't waste any of my time. He was forward and to the point and he made the whole process easy. If you want to deal with good people, come here.

    Erica TM

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    Went to Whitby to check out a Jeep they had on their lot. The sales person I dealt with while I was there was Justin. What a great guy! I've met a lot of sales people in my day and I'm not a huge fan of most but Justin was NOT your stereotypical sales guy. Don't change Justin! It was a great experience.

    Tammy Mayhew

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    Great Experiance buying my first car. No pressure and our sales guy Brian walked us through the entire process. Paperwork was painless. Fantastic time. Highly recommended. Will come back.

    shawn davis


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