Coolant/Antifreeze Replacement

What is the purpose of antifreeze/coolant? Antifreeze/coolant is designed to keep your engine running at normal operating temperatures and to prevent freezing during the cold winter months.

Why is an antifreeze/coolant replacement important? Over time and kilometers driven, your antifreeze/coolant loses its chemical properties and becomes contaminated with rust and scale deposits which reduces its effectiveness, resulting in engine overheating—the #1 cause of engine breakdown!

How is this corrected? Your Nissan Certified Technician will remove the old antifreeze/coolant and replace it with Genuine Nissan Antifreeze/Coolant and then perform a complete inspection including all hoses and connections.

Is it time to schedule your Antifreeze/Coolant Replacement? An Antifreeze/Coolant Replacement should be performed at 168,000 km. Having this service performed will ensure long engine life and safe, peace-of-mind driving for years to come.