Why Is the Nissan Frontier the Best Mid-Sized Truck in 2022?

May 25th, 2022 by

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Since it replaced the Hardbody little pickup back in the day, the Nissan Frontier has been a small-truck staple. When compared to other compact trucks on the market, its distinguishing feature has always been its evident “doin’ truck stuff” mentality. The Frontier never became civilized or “refined,” and it remains the rough-and-tumble, lovable pickup it has always been.

The Frontier’s lone concession to refinement for its 2022 version is a slightly smoother highway ride. The bad news for truck enthusiasts seeking a contemporary pickup? It remains the small-truck underdog in a rapidly rising category.


  • Handsome styling
  • Reasonably good at most truck chores
  • Marginally better than before


  • Dated ride/handling, power, 4WD hardware, safety technology
  • Heavy steering
  • Uncomfortable back seat

The design of the new Frontier has been inspired by the Titan and the Titan XD, but is a fresh new design in its own right. This is guaranteed to be better than the previous Frontier in every possible way. The interior is a lovely package of quality materials, soft-touch plastics, and high-quality leather, and on top of everything else, this truck looks like it will be quite a fun drive. With the new Frontier, Nissan went with a bold and simple design, but this is only the front; the sides are different and look awesome. There are chrome-plated trim lines, and there is a large bedroom with tons of storage space, making the Frontier a true dual-purpose truck.

Under the hood, the new Frontier is packing a 3.8-litre V6 engine, which is an evolution of the previous Frontier’s engine. This is a modified design of the engine Nissan used in the Maxima and the Murano. This new engine

For increased convenience, the Frontier has two-bed choices, one 5′ and one 6′. The tailgate has a sophisticated touch in that it has a gentle opening mechanism that allows it to descend without falling down. The incorporated bump step near the rear license plate facilitates simple access to and from the bed. There is a 120-volt power outlet in the bed and overhead cargo bed lights that illuminate the bed in low-light settings.

Nissan has outfitted the Frontier with three Utili-track channels for easy storage and functionality and four tie-down points to keep products in place. The official towing capability for the 2022 Frontier is 6,720 lbs, and the maximum payload capacity is 1,610 lbs, both of which are impressive statistics. The 360-degree parking camera makes it simple to secure the trailer behind. Tow haul mode and trailer sway control are included for enhanced convenience, ensuring that the car, trailer, and occupants arrive safely. The vehicle is available in 12 trims via a mix of drive trains and bed widths, and these trims are reasonably priced. The Frontier has a lot going on and is set to exceed all Midsize truck expectations in 2022.

The Verdict

The new Nissan Frontier has a lot going for it. It is a good-looking midsize truck, and will be an exceptional alternative to the more traditional brands and models. The Frontier is also much cheaper than most trucks and comes with a decent amount of features. The Frontier is a great pickup for those who have an active lifestyle, need to haul many things, and are willing to sacrifice comfort in the name of utility.

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