EGR Valve Service

What is the purpose of the EGR valve? The EGR valve recirculates a portion of the exhaust back to the engine to reduce harmful emissions and air pollution.

What problems occur in the EGR valve? The EGR valve develops soot and carbon deposit build-up over time, which negatively affects its operation. Continued driving past the recommended service interval can lead to a damaged EGR valve and expensive replacement costs.

How is this corrected? Your Nissan Certified Technician will remove the soot and carbon deposit buildup in the EGR valve and perform a complete cleaning.

Is it time to schedule your EGR Valve Service? If your Nissan has been on the road for 80,000 kilometers, it’s time for your EGR Valve Service. This service, performed by our Nissan Certified Technicians, will improve engine performance, and ensure long engine life and low repair bills.