Nissan Maintenance: How Often You Should Service an Altima

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Owning a car is beneficial because you never have to worry about commuting again. Consequently, it’s also a responsibility because you need to consider maintenance and upkeep. Car brands have different maintenance approaches, but some are more extensive than others. One perfect example of this is the Nissan Altima.

Nissan is a household name in the automotive industry and is known for producing high-quality vehicles. Naturally, the Altima is no exception. It’s a stylish mid-size sedan that has been the benchmark for family sedans for a long time, which is why it appeals to many people. However, maintaining it is tricky because it requires particular attention to certain areas. For this reason, we’ll discuss the basics of maintaining an Altima and when it should be done.

The Features of the Nissan Altima

Like most other Nissan cars, the Altima has exceptional engines. These are beautifully engineered, and they’re very durable until you start neglecting them. That’s why you must keep the Altima in tip-top condition by exercising caution.

Additionally, the Altima is equipped with a high-performance suspension system which needs to be serviced regularly; otherwise, you’ll end up living with an unreliable car. You’ll also have to change the air filter since it’s essential in keeping the engine in good condition.

What Should Be Serviced?

There are a few things that should be serviced regularly to ensure the safety of your Altima. The first of these is the brakes. You should always keep in mind that you cannot determine whether they’re working correctly or not. This is why you should take it to the mechanic and have them inspect them. It’s recommended that you do it at least once every two years.

The next thing you should inspect is the fluids. All cars have a particular set of fluids that must be checked regularly, such as the engine coolant, the transmission fluid, the brake fluid, and the power steering fluid. It’s not just the fluids that you need to check, though. You also need to ensure that the tires are in good condition and that the battery is functioning correctly.

The spark plugs are another thing you need to check from time to time, which is vital for older cars. Spark plugs provide your automobile with the power it needs to accelerate. If a spark plug isn’t firing effectively, your vehicle will not run smoothly, so you should always keep an eye on them.

What Service Checkups Should You Get?

The Altima must be taken for an oil and filter service at least once every six months. You must make this a part of your routine because it ensures that the oil changes in your car are up to date. Oil helps prevent wear and tear, so it won’t be able to perform its function correctly if not done.

Additionally, you should always get a brake inspection at least once a year. This applies to both the manual and automatic versions. It’s vital to properly maintain the brakes because they play a crucial part in controlling your automobile. When they’re low on brake fluid, they will not be able to stop the car properly.

The Nissan Altima also requires a transmission service at least every two years. It’s pretty tricky to determine whether your transmission is in good condition, but you can tell by how easily you accelerate. If you can’t shift the gears correctly, it’s a sure sign that your transmission needs to be serviced.

Can You DIY It?

Many people maintain their cars to save money. However, this only applies to those with technical know-how. As such, you’re better off getting a mechanic to inspect the vehicle and make any necessary repairs. Sometimes, a simple service can cause damage to your car, especially if you have zero knowledge of a car’s internal components.


If you take care of your Altima, you’ll get to enjoy years together with it. The best way of doing this is by servicing it regularly, which will help prevent future expensive repairs. All that matters is finding the right mechanic to do the job.

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