Answering 5 Common FAQs about Changing Your Car’s Tires

June 28th, 2022 by

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Owning a car is highly beneficial because you can go anywhere without the hassle of commuting. However, it’s also a responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is always in optimal condition for a drive. Naturally, this means maintaining and repairing broken components when needed. Among the many car parts that can malfunction, tires are arguably one of the more important.

Tires can experience many problems, such as blowout, tread or sidewall wear, and improper inflation. When this happens, there’s no other choice but to replace them because they pose a considerable safety risk. Of course, changing a tire is something one doesn’t often do, but there are some basic steps one can take to ensure a safe replacement. For this reason, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about changing tires. These include:

#1 – How Do I Know If a Tire Needs to Be Changed?

This is a straightforward question: when you suspect your tire is damaged, it probably is. The following are some of the warning signs that a tire needs replacement:

  • A noticeable and rapid drop in tire pressure.
  • Issues with handling, such as pulling and drifting.
  • Screeching noise or other unusual sounds when driving.
  • Damage to sidewalls, such as cracks and cuts.
  • Spotting or smelling fluids in the air.

#2 – What Should Be Done When a Blowout Happens?

If you’re on the road and suffer a blowout, there are certain things you need to do to minimize the damage. You need to slow down and stop your car as soon as possible. Take your foot off the gas and let the vehicle gradually stop. If you’re in a high-speed lane, it’s best to change lanes as soon as possible.

Also, ensure your hazard lights are on, and there is sufficient space on either side of the vehicle. Don’t endanger other cars by getting too close to the road edge. Turning on your car’s flashers is also a good idea to alert other drivers. Once your car has come to a complete stop, don’t get out of the vehicle. This is extremely important because it may increase the risk of being hit by other cars.

#3 – Are There Other Hazards When You Don’t Change Your Vehicle’s Tires?

Aside from accidents, not changing your car’s tires can lead to safety issues in the long run. This is because tires are crucial components in your car’s suspension. They keep the axles aligned and centred to the wheels. If the tires aren’t sufficient, the alignment will get disrupted, which can change the angle of the axis, making the car harder to control. If your tires are severely damaged, you’re forced to drive with a vehicle that is not aligned correctly, which increases the chances of getting in an accident.

#4 – How Do You Gauge Tread Depth?

One of the most critical factors in estimating a tire’s need for replacement is checking the wear on the treads. Tire producers include a tread wear indicator in most tires. The tread wear indicator is a series of bars that are raised from the surface of the tire’s sides. Some tires also have an arrow pointing to the wear indicator’s location. The tread wear indicator is a rubber that wears out as the tire is driven. When you see that the tread is worn past the indicator, it’s time to have the tire replaced.

#5 – Do Tires Deteriorate with Time?

As tires are used, they naturally wear down and lose their structural integrity. However, tires don’t lose their functionality as they age because they become more unsafe. This is why tire replacement is necessary after 6 years, even if the tires are still in good condition. You can check the tire’s age by looking for the DOT number stamped on the tire and the sidewall.


If you want to ensure that your tires are in optimal condition and that your vehicle performs well, you must be able to identify when they need to be replaced. As seen above, there are some warning signs that your car tires need replacement. All that matters is ensuring they get replaced at the right time to keep your car in optimal condition for a drive.

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